Enjoy our delicious burritos


Enjoy our delicious burritos

A burrito (US English /bəˈritoʊ/, Spanish: [buˈrito]), or taco de harina,[1] is a type of Mexican food. It consists of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped or folded into a roughly cylindrical shape to completely enclose a filling. (In contrast, a taco is generally formed by simply folding a tortilla in half around a filling, leaving the semicircular perimeter open.) The flour tortilla is usually lightly grilled or steamed, to soften it and make it more pliable.

In Mexico, refried beans or meat are sometimes the only fillings. In the United States, however, fillings generally include a combination of ingredients such as Mexican-style rice or plain rice, refried beans or beans, lettuce, salsa, meat, avocado, cheese, and sour cream, and the size varies, with some burritos considerably larger than their Mexican counterparts.

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$4.15Bean Burrito(With beans, rice & chese)
$5.80Regular Burrito(With meat, beans, rice & salsa)
$6.55Super Burrito(With meat, beans, rice, guacamole, cheese, sour cream &salsa)
$6.80Jumbo Burrito(With meat, beans, rice, lettuce, guacamole, cheese, sour cream & salsa)
$5.95Breakfast Burrito(With chorizo, eggs, refried beans, cheese & salsa)